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Co-Parenting and Post-Divorce Parenting

Even though things have not worked out with your spouse, if you have children together, it’s important to think through how you will parent them post-divorce.  I know as a parent… CONTINUE

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  • Best family law attorney in town. Neil is great! He’s been my family law attorney now for almost a decade. I know his strengths to be the law and his reputation as a top attorney. Additionally, he also tells you what you need to know so you can make informed decisions. I many not have always liked what he told me, but his honesty saved me thousands and a ton of stress. Ultimately, I feel like anyone else that would have handled my case would have cost me twice as much and done half the job. In the end, I’m a dad who now has 80/20 Visitation, kept the family home, and has an order in place that has brought sanity back into my life.

  • Truth and Justice prevailed! I had been trying for almost 4 years to gain access to funds awarded to me by the courts during my divorce. I also had a problem with the ex-spouse not paying court-ordered support payments. Neil and his staff worked diligently and professionally to bring my case to a swift and just conclusion. He and his staff fought for me and my rights, and made me feel as though my case mattered.

  • Kind and thoughtful in the midst of turmoil. I highly recommend Neil and his Law firm to anyone needing an expert in family law. Any divorce is always nerve wracking and Neil was helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of family law. He took the time to explain the process of child custody and made sure I felt comfortable with everything. He is a tremendously talented divorce attorney who genuinely cares about his client’s best interests.

  • A good lawyer Neil has done a great job educating me I’m the divorce process, and keeping me up to date as things progress. A divorce as a very stressful period in a persons life. Neil is very good a helping clients dealing with the stress and turbulence and making wise decisions and actions.

  • Neil Holmes, Thank you! In a time when your heart is broken by promises long since forgotten and your faith destroyed by a level of deceit never before realized or even imagined, it becomes nearly impossible to trust anyone. So you try to fight alone.

    For so long your words and your efforts have been in vain. The will to survive is waning. Weary from the battles, the war rages on and the white flag is at the ready. Uncertain of what direction to take, frustrated by the barrage of rhetoric and confused by the perceived inequity of the rules of engagement.

    I took a chance and reached out for an advocate, I contacted Neil Holmes. His confidence is reflected in the professional, calm, straight forward way in which he speaks. Neil is patient and strives for clarity with each conversation and communication. He has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the applicable laws and has represented me from a firm position.

    My intention was simply to receive fair treatment in the eyes of the Court. No malice or ill will intended. With Neil Holmes representation, I believe that goal will become a reality.

    Without Neil’s representation, I can state with complete confidence that a gross injustice would have been committed.

    Divorce client