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At Divorce for Men Only, we tailor our legal services to the unique challenges men face during divorce proceedings, as well as pre-divorce planning and post-divorce issues.

Serving Bay Area Men for Over 40 Years

Welcome to Divorce for Men Only

Discover the team behind Divorce for Men Only and explore our commitment to providing a balanced, fair, and practical approach to the unique challenges men face in divorce proceedings.

Founded in 1982 by Douglas Page, our firm has a rich history of advocating for men’s rights, shaped by firsthand experiences of traditional biases. Today, led by Neil Holmes, a dedicated attorney with a passion for family law, and Stella Burrough, our knowledgeable and empathetic paralegal, we continue to champion men navigating the complex terrain of divorce. Our story goes beyond the professional: we blend law with reality, resulting in insights and strategies that draw from personal experience and the modern complexities of balancing career and parenting.

Ready to learn more about who we are and how we can support you through this process? Discover our story.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“Neil Holmes at Divorce For Men Only in Walnut Creek was a good choice for me during the difficult time of my divorce. Mine was a so-called “high conflict” divorce and also involved two young, precious children. Neil somehow was able to keep me relatively not nervous during the year-long process. This was a brand new experience for me, and Mr. Holmes managed to steer things somewhere between emotional understanding and financial responsibility. He also kept me well-informed regarding how and why I was being charged for individual items all along the way. This increased trust. I would recommend Neil Holmes for anyone during this difficult time.”

Greg S.

“Neil presented a strong case to the judge and avoided messy and pointless litigation by keeping things factual and simple. A strong attorney is absolutely necessary going through this type of thing, and I know that Neil is the best fit for me. I had another attorney who did not handle my case well. That person got me into a very bad situation. Choosing Neil to represent you is a good move.

Marc T.

“Mine was a very combative divorce which, quite frankly, was the most difficult time in my life.

Neil and his paralegal Stella carried me through this most difficult time as though I was family. Both of them were always caring and supportive. From the start, I knew I was in good hands.

They were always very quick to respond whenever I had questions or concerns and never kept me waiting, wondering, and worrying over the unknowns.

I found Neil to be a straight-up guy who always gave me the truth, whether it was or wasn’t what I wanted to hear. He became a friend to me, I feel. I always felt very certain that he cared and that he had my best interests in mind.

At the end of it all, I received the best outcome I possibly could, and I’m a happy person on the other side of the whole ordeal.

Jeff S.

How We Work

It all starts with a consultation.

During this initial meeting, we discuss your situation, provide clarity, and outline the path ahead. Our goal is to empower you with information and confidence so that you can make intelligent and realistic decisions.

40+ Years In The Business

With over four decades in the business, Divorce For Men Only has evolved and thrived by staying at the forefront of changing family laws and court attitudes. We’ve witnessed the transformation in the legal landscape and have consistently adapted our approach, all while upholding our firm’s core values of fairness, integrity, and respect. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges men face in divorce proceedings is born from our long-standing commitment to providing specialized, high-quality legal services. Trust our experience to guide you through the complexities of the legal system and to advocate for your rights and interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several frequently asked questions by men who come to our office seeking help with their divorce, custody, and support cases.

Unlike child support, the courts consider a wide range of factors when determining a “fair” alimony payment in terms of amount and duration. Important here is too early and often stresses to the courts the need for non-working spouses to get educated, get into the workforce, and financially support themselves to their maximum ability. Whether your spouse simply needs to update their resume or needs an entire vocational assessment, the sooner that effort begins, the sooner this goal is accomplished.

Unlike alimony (spousal support), the courts determine child support by and large with a rigid set of guidelines. It is important that your income is accurately presented and that kept at the forefront is the legal requirement that both parents must financially support their children.

Our experience makes us especially adept at dealing with custody and parenting issues in divorce.

Custody is determined in one of three ways:

  1. The parents decide what is best for their children.
  2. The family court counselors help parents decide for themselves what is best for their children.
  3. A judge imposes what’s best for “most” children.

To find out more about how custody is determined, click here.

Welcome to the “Hurry Up and Wait” world of divorce litigation.

Our court system is overcrowded, under-budgeted, and as a result, incapable of handling problems as quickly. The simple reason is the large number of litigants and cases the courts deal with in any given month. The unfortunate reality is that, except for true emergency situations, the courts take several weeks and sometimes months to address issues and resolve disputes that people can’t work out on their own.

Absent an early settlement, divorcing parties should expect that their case will take two years.

Legal services are very expensive: reflected in the issues in any given case and the minimum standard of work required by law in all divorce cases.

A key factor in just how expensive the case will be is the approach and attitude of the opposing side. We can’t make the legal system inexpensive, but through a systematic approach to each case, we keep litigation less expensive by comparison.

The law requires that each party support themselves and support their children to the best of their ability. When one spouse hasn’t worked much during the marriage, the law also requires that the spouse become “self-supporting” within a reasonable time period. Realistically this involves either applying her skills to the full-time workforce or developing further skills to enter the full-time workforce then. We approach this dilemma early in each case so as not to lose valuable time in “encouraging” the transition to full-time gainful employment.

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