Property Division

Securing Fair and Equitable Division of Marital Assets and Debts

Property Division

California is a community property state where the law requires an equitable, if not equal, division of all marital assets and debts.

We understand that men often have unique concerns regarding property division. Whether it is preserving business ownership, safeguarding inherited assets, or ensuring a fair division of retirement accounts, our team is equipped to handle these situations effectively.

From the start, Divorce For Men Only focuses on the ultimate division of assets that makes the most sense. By doing so, we help you plan your financial future effectively, minimize unnecessary stress during the divorce process, and confidently make informed decisions to help shape your post-divorce financial landscape.

Key areas we focus on include:

  • Home and real estate division: A home is often the most valuable asset in a marriage. We’ll help you navigate the complex process of dividing real estate assets.
  • Division of retirement accounts: We assist in navigating the often-complex division of 401(k) accounts, pensions, and other retirement assets.
  • Business asset division: We understand the intricacies involved in dividing business assets and work to ensure your interests are protected.
  • Debt division: Just as assets are divided during a divorce, so are liabilities. We work to ensure that the debt division is handled fairly.
  • Protection of separate property: Assets owned before the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance are usually considered separate property. We help protect these assets from being wrongly classified as marital property.

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