Post-Divorce Issues

Post-Divorce Issues: Guidance for Men on Handling Life After Divorce

The divorce decree settling all matters like custody, support, and property division marks the beginning of a new chapter, not the end of legal complexities. As a man adjusting to post-divorce life, understanding how to address common issues that arise after the dust settles will serve you well. Here we’ll cover key topics like enforcing and modifying orders to equip you to handle life’s curveballs.

Seek Order Enforcement Help

If your ex-spouse violates final divorce orders regarding:

  • Custody or visitation terms
  • Failure to pay support on time
  • Not adhering to property division

Don’t sit back quietly! You have legal options like:

  • Filing contempt of court motions
  • Requesting wage garnishment
  • Suspending driver’s or professional licenses
  • Placing liens on real estate

An attorney can advise which route is optimal depending on the violation.

When Post-Decree Modifications Make Sense

File motions to modify custody, support, or alimony if:

  • Custody timeshare changes by at least 10%
  • A child reaches the age of 18 or finishes high school
  • Income increases or decreases substantially
  • Retirement or job loss occurs

Many states, like California, require showing a “significant change in circumstances” to get orders revised.

Handling Relocation Requests

Get legal help if your ex wants to move out of state or more than 50 miles away with children, which could disrupt custody. Options:

  • Renegotiate custody for long-distance plan
  • Seek court orders prohibiting relocation
  • Agree to trial period or visitation revisions

No unilateral relocations should occur without consent and court approval.

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Co-parenting maintains both parents’ involvement and minimizes conflicts. Useful strategies:

  • Use parenting apps to coordinate schedules
  • Attend child activities/school conferences together
  • Be flexible when reasonable for the child’s needs
  • Discuss major decisions collaboratively
  • Keep communication kid-focused, not venting frustrations

Over time, cooperative co-parenting gets easier.

Don’t Ignore Tax Implications

Changes in marital status, child deductions, assets, income, and alimony impact taxes.

  • Review W-4 withholding
  • Learn rules around deductions
  • Understand the sale of joint property taxation

Consult a tax professional to avoid penalties.

Thoughtfully handling post-divorce complexities gives you and your children needed stability. An attorney knowledgeable in enforcement, modifications, and state laws can help you make informed choices. With patience and perseverance, you will adapt to this new phase.

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